The ARG aspect of the Rock Salt Conspiracy will be starting at the end of 2016 while the game itself will not go live for events until the summer of 2018. This will allow everyone to begin game immersion, have locally hosted social events that begin before the Revolution goes live, and provides a true feeling of living in a time of change. The ARG aspects will begin with the population of fictional news sites, viral media video, and with the creation of in character fronts for game personalities. Many of these resources have already been produced, and, are already running in what we consider "dormant state". These sources can be discovered now, or, will be revealed via this site as time goes on.

Players will still be able to join after the game goes live. Later joining players will have all of the media resources available to view (or not view as they choose). This allows players to become as involved or removed as they would like to be. 

The first Rock Salt Conspiracy live event is tentatively scheduled for summer 2018.