The Truth Is Out There

We know there are a ton of crackpots with conspiracy theories. 

We know that you probably think that we are another group of them sitting somewhere with tinfoil hats, writing down the hidden messages in our TVs, and looking to find a way to communicate with the people in the center of the hollow earth.

That isn't us.

We've started to come across what some would call a conspiracy theory. We are trying to look at a number of puzzle pieces, working with limited knowledge due to either restricted or purposely hidden information, and looking to piece together what the truth is.

And yeah, sometimes that brings us down some crazy rabbit holes. We hope that unlike Alice we could look to see the truth and after investigating what it is that we are finding cut away the portions of the tinfoil hat nonsense conspiracy from the truth.

But we also have to accept that if "doctors" can prove that aspartame is OK to eat and that consuming 400% of our suggested daily fluoride intake in our water is OK... then we do have to accept that not every "authority" is telling the truth. That will make this difficult, but, what journey ever was easy?