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What is a tabletop Rocksalt experience? 

Click here to download your character sheet

Click here to download your character sheet

Rocksalt is an action heavy, rules light, game universe that takes place in the conspiracy laden world of the pre-apocalypse. The Rocksalt Conspiracy is a game universe that takes place in modern universe that focuses on realistic people. The game world focuses on a story which weaves real history, conspiracy theories, and  the post-apocalyptic game world of Dystopia Rising as a template for the universe that will eventually be.  

In The Rocksalt Conspiracy players participate as individuals known as Vectors. Vectors are people who are one part "Typhoid Mary", one part freedom fighter, and one part revolutionaries working against a global conspiracy that is actively looking to control (and eventually cull) the majority of life on the planet Earth. As Vectors, players start as normal everyday people who seem to be a leg up on the majority of humanity. Vectors are individuals who have no allergies, don't commonly get sick, and seem to have a greater awareness or understanding of the world around them. Charismatic, active, or athletic Vectors are not the creme of the crop of humanity, but instead mostly are everyday people who seem to be slightly better off than the bulk of humanity. 

Players will participate as Vectors, who are actively hunted and discredited by the shadowy international agencies that have enacted the Rocksalt program. Vectors are both the source of the potential evolution of humanity to a new level of enlightenment as well as the plague carriers that endanger life as the world knows it. 

Resistance is your only chance for survival. 

So how do I get my hands on The Rocksalt Conspiracy book?

The short story is that right now, you can't. 
The Rocksalt Conspiracy is being ran as a combination of a series of LARPs, ARGs, and Tabletop RPG events organized and written by the creator of the Dystopia Rising Universe, Michael Pucci, via the Imagine Nation Collective.  Michael is the creator of the Dystopia Rising LARP network, the CHRONOS Universal LARP System, and is the creator of a number of events and publications. With this in mind, he has informed Eschaton Media that the Rocksalt Conspiracy book which is a completed and published book that is not available for purchase. that the materials will not be made available for sale until after he has been able to complete his ongoing ARG and hidden live event experiences (estimated completion late 2018).

This eccentricity is resulting in a number of small entrance "find the event" experiences, unmarketed live events, and hidden experiences at other public Imagine Nation Collective events. Mixing Live Events, tabletop events, and hidden ARG aspects the Rocksalt Conspiracy experience is a new and unique approach of cross event entertainment.