Update: Situation Terminal

Two months.

It's strange to think that it's been two months since I updated here. I used to live every day on social media. It was how I researched, how I was able to reach out to all of you, and it was also the nexus of all my social "friendships". Just like almost all of you I used social media to keep in touch with friends, to see what new outrage I should have, and to see which of my friends were keeping ahead of the acceptable and unacceptable social trends. 

Now that it has been months on the run, I see social media for what it is. It is a system of programming that allows groups of individuals to categorize themselves "marketing groups", provides a bleeder valve for the rebellion minded to scratch the "social reform" itch to prevent full on revolution, and allows a self governing system of the perfect toothless society.

Were we angry about the pipeline? Did we use social media to organize? Without a doubt. But how many more people felt validated in their "resisting the man" by lashing out with words instead of actions? How many groups feel validated and become preoccupied with the villainization of minor issues while willingly becoming cattle with every "what house do I belong in" software that harvests your personal information?

I can't provide you facts right now, I can only report what I have seen with my own eyes. There are some of you out there who are actually different from the mass of society. Like me and those of us on the run you are genetically predispositioned to individuality and leadership. You have developed a resistance to the chemical salad that is fed to all of humanity in our water, food, and in the teaching of controlled media. The poisoning of our water with hormone blockers, the introduction of fluoride at dangerous levels, and the chemical compounds in mass produced food is a multiple part treatment program to prepare human cattle for the slaughter to prevent overpopulation. 

This is a eugenics program where some of you are outliers. Some of you are variants in the human genome which the powers that be fear. Your individual strains allow you resist the mind control and social control elements in your food, drink, and air.

Be aware: they know about you. They have a plan for you that involves marking you as disease carriers in the near future. We do not have all the details yet, but we know there is a plan to not only cut the food supplies to humanity but to round up us "strained genomes" together for control and processing.

Your fellow human isn't the enemy. People that have different social viewpoints are not the enemy. These are systems to cause us to embrace being divided. 


Jonathan Anon