Cutting the life of the world

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The powers that be are trying to kill us. They believe that trimming the masses will not only provide a future that can sustain the few for a longer period, but also believe that by culling rebellious and independent thought that humanity will become controllable in the years to come.

Look at the world. Earnestly look.

Food has been poisoned. People have been corralled. Life has been monetized as a the most tool of control. Life should not be a default hook to control the people. Health should not be a default hook to control the people. Social design, focuses of tribalism, fear of the other, and creating a "enemy that unifies the masses together" should not be techniques that are used to control the people.

Filter your water. The fluoride is just one part of the equation.
Grow your own food. The chemical treatment is another part of the equation.
Do not hate "others" as a redirection from your true frustration and hatred.
The cameras watch you. The microphones can hear you. They don't need to be "on". 

Rise above and run while you still can.  

Our culture  is a cage where you are trained to walk on a treadmill and eat poison until you no longer serve the needs of the button pushers. They are going to find illness in us, they are going to make enemies of us, and we will be eradicated by our own human race. 

Jonathan Anon