The second half of our Agenda 21 piece is going to wait a bit. It is important, but I need you to know what is going on before the truth is blotted out. 

This is perhaps the most difficult thing I have had to write. I never thought that being correct and vindicated would cause me so much of an issue but my life has changed directions a thousand times in the past three weeks.

For our regular followers you may have noticed that for about two weeks our entire site was taken down and replaced with a redirect to a message that said "This site can’t be reached. Server DNS address could not be found." Like any reasonable person you probably thought that we had forgotten to pay our server hosts and that the site was taken down. I actually wish this was the truth. I'll get into this later.

Two weeks ago I came home to find that my apartment had been broken into. My front door had been opened. Not broken into, unlocked and opened. The police say it must have been unlocked because there are no signs of forced entry. The people who broke in tore my place to shreds. The art on the walls (being honest, prints from movies in frames) had been broken and cut. The Ikea pillows and mattress torn open. All of the cupboards and drawers pulled out.

Everything was ripped apart and before leaving the people who broke into my home dumped an accelerant in my office and lit a fire. The police officer said that it is was breaking and entry with vandalism as the focus. This is too specific and too well timed for it to be that.  

The space I use as my "office" was doused with accelerant and lit on fire. The room also doubles as my bedroom (since apartments are expensive as all hell) and my blankets and sheets had been soaked with the accelerant as well. The hope was that the entire room would be engulfed in flames, not just my desk. The fire started at my desk however, and it should have spread to destroy everything in the room.

For some reason it didn't. Either something spooked the people who broke into my place and they had to leave before everything was done or more ominously this was done as a message that no one but me would believe.

I used to use a Cool Master case for my desktop. The Cool Master has quick pull slots to make it easy to swap out hard drives for server configuration. My Cool Master was a molten mess but the static state hard drives that were in my computer were gone. Pulled before the fire was lit.

This wasn't a robbery. I came across something that I shouldn't have relating to Agenda 21 and now I am in danger. My home was broken into and a molten message was left. When I contacted our domain providers they informed me that "I had contacted them to shut down the site, and that they did so at my request." I asked them to send me a copy of the request. It was sent from my home on the same day as the fire.

I am not the only person that this has happened to. I am now on the road living like a fugitive. 

Our site is now hosted by a Swedish company much in the same way that wikileaks is. I am now uploading from the road from public access locations and moving with a group who have all seen too much. We have to move from place to place so that we can't be tracked. We had to get rid of our cell phones so that our positions couldn't be followed. We had to drop off the identity grid for the safety of our lives.

I can't contact two of my co-writers. I think they were detained or are now gone. 

My normal life is gone forever. Agenda 21 is real. The worldwide genetic mapping project is real. The Rock Salt conspiracy has started and many of the world governments are tools to control and cull humanity.  There are people in this world who have already been marked and mapped out for extermination based completely on their "worth" in the eyes of the agenda plan.

Jonathan AnonPionen