Agenda 21 - Confirmed Part One

Have you heard about Agenda 21?

Some of you are nodding right now with your eyes wide while the rest of you are sitting not knowing what I am talking about. I highly suggest you do your own the subject however it would seem that Agenda 21 not only produced a number of great outlines to encourage the safety and security of the planet as a whole, but much like any other political document has opened gateways for a larger conspiracy. You can look at the UN's documentation on Agenda 21 here. The document is 351 pages, so be sure to set some time aside.

Removing the benefits from the issues on this subject is difficult. Groups such as Ecocity Builders are designing mega-cities that will decrease the impact that the worlds current human population has incredible plans that involves removing the sprawl of developed countries and incorporating mass transit and transportation to remove the strain that the human population is causing on the planet. Less imprint means longer life for everyone so in theory, "Woo!"

The part that, until now, was suggested but not outright stated was that as a planet we are in the technical vernacular "fucked". In 2011 the world population breached 7 Billion people. Back in 2014 according to the United Nations and University of Washington study they project that it is highly likely we'll see 9.6 billion people by 2050, and up to 11 billion or more by 2100. The volume of growth is not only an issue due to the volume of pollutants and waste we produce, but also due to the sheer volume of resources we use up. The volume of oil and gas that is used to generate heat, electricity, and transportation is astronomical. The demands on consumption of raw resources that we do now is unprecedented and our projected needs do not look well for the future.

In the same document produced by the UN and University of Washington it stated that without a significant decrease in the birth rate of the planet, that flattening of population growth is not going to happen without rapid fertility declines—or a reduction in the number of children per mother.

The primary means to reduce population reproduction? Testosterone blockers such as fluoride and the worlds most common pesticide atrazine. Our food and water has been saturated with a number of testosterone blockers to not only make the overall populous of the world more docile but to also cut a decline in the growth of the worlds population.

Proof? Population growth in the world began an exponential growth that was growing at dangerous levels every single year. While our population is still growing in 1945 fluoride programs began being instituted around the world with the highest saturation of fluoride infused waters and worldwide atrazine pesticide use in 1993. If you look at the graphic above, prior to the projected growth chart, you can see the world population chart go from a steep convex growth arc to a gradual concave arc.

This stemming of exponential population growth is not enough to save our projected issues and there is a second part related to Agenda 21 that we will expose here within the coming weeks.     

Jessica Anon