Unconfirmed: The Chemical Imprint

Normally I wait until I have reference information to put up a post. Unfortunately, due to the very nature of the content of this post, it is nearly impossible for me to be able to produce any form of active and actual proof without endangering sources.

So I understand if this post is not something you immediately believe. In fact, I suggest that you do your own research and find what you do believe in regards to all of this.

Today we are going to talk about GMO's and the effect of the Chemical Imprint.

GMO's are by themselves a hot button topic. When you look at the overall corporate model of making it so that plants can't reproduce without purchasing resources from a GMO seed supplier, when you look at the combination of lawsuits for "illegal GMO use" in areas where cross pollination has happened, and even when you look at the legal stance of being able to copyright genetic code... no matter where you look GMO's are a hotbed of different controversy. 

If you do not know how amino acids work, please take a few minutes to look it up. You can get a very simple summary from an article on the GMO FOOD CONTROVERSY by The Dog Press. That article not only goes into the basics of how amino acids are changed in GMOs, that we consume and are built based on modified amino acid threads, and further more goes into the fact that a single company is effectively trying to own all of the seed for all the worlds grown food sources. If you think about it, that is the best and shittiest business plan in the world. Control food, water, the knowledge people get, and the land where people walk and you control the people. It's the world's largest economic gun pressed at the stomach and head of the world.

The influence of GMO's and the effects on the human body is so important that as of November 38 countries has outlawed GMO Crops.  

However, what if a combination of GMO's and other mass produced material resources were serving a great plan? 

Earlier on there was a blog post I made in regards to the inter-connectivity of major corporations in the world, the limited number of parent companies, and the sheer volume of control that these companies have over the world as a whole. Combining the knowledge of the network of food sources combined with details about how GMO modified food sources interact with human DNA one could wonder "is our DNA beginning to be programmed by the powers that be".

It would seem that the answer is potentially yes. I have been contacted by a person who claims to have access to proof from their work in the field. We are currently finding a way to provide a secured means to prove their authenticity to me without jeopardizing their safety, and, provide evidence that proves that the genetic planning of our foodstuffs is either purposefully or indirectly functioning as a means of population control. 

This is exciting, and, incredibly terrifying information. If we are able to prove that there is a group who are the "powers that be" looking to redesign and rewrite humanities DNA to control and influence the worlds population... then we enter a place of personal danger.


Jessica Anon