Executive Disorder and the Great Misdirection

Let's all assume for a minute that if you are reading my conspiracy report blog then you are of a mindset that you do not trust any world government or  or political structure as your default stance. If you look at the public actions of the world and see the motions in Russia, the economic and environmental warfare in China, and see the wide and hateful actions of the most modern president of the United States of America... you would have a solid argument for that level of distrusts.

The issue is that nearly everyone in the world has a base distrust of government. Organized government, corporations, and any system focused on power and greed has been barrel buffing the general public for so long that we ASSUME that something horrible is going on. All politicians are corrupt, all money transactions include fat for the fat cats, and every corporate purchase or investment in a political program is obviously a bribe for something that is so heinous that we know we should reach for the lube and a new facebook meme to complain about it.

But that's the thing: politicians, corporations, and the powers that be KNOW we are going to look until we find something to rail against (for at least a few weeks). We will search for something that causes us to feel better about knowing we are getting a high hard one with a trillion dollar nuclear cap in our rectum, and unless we are given something to find, we will not be happy and we will keep searching. 

Take, for an example, 45th president of the United States: Donald Trump.

In addition to finding the man reprehensible and having the same consistency of figure as the soapy hair you find in the shower drain after a few months of slowing water, the fact is that Trump is the perfect cover story and scapegoat. Think about it: reality TV egomaniac one percent-er rises to power in the United States on an obvious mixture of hatred, ignorance, catchy phrases, and easily tracked lies.

He's perfect! He provides us everything we hate about politics so that we can rally around stopping everything he wants to do. He is so perfect for the role of "scapegoat in chief" that we don't really realize that he was almost perfectly groomed (save for the hair) to be the person to gain the focus of our ire. 

Need proof? Lets look at the first few days in office. Donald Trump immediately signs a number of "executive actions" that are all but artisanally crafted to be everything that people who MIGHT get involved in world politics would hate. Rich, white, sexist, racist, and immediately fills the political office with more people that we should dislike. If you go down the list of his choices to run different departments of the federal government, he all but picks a persona who would be kryptonite for the position.

Then lets look at his executive orders. Discriminate against a religion and dehumanize refugees, kick 20 somethings off of insurance, take medical coverage away from people with pre-existing medical conditions, attack a woman's right to make decisions by going after abortion, and putting in an order for a wall across the boarder. Seriously! All that is left is to next take shots at gender and sexuality issues (but that is a week two or three topic).

Now lets look at the orders closer.
1) Hiring freeze. Multiple presidents have done this. 
2) Emergency budget for military readiness only requires an email, not a formalized executive order. Really. Just send an email to the Office of Management and Budget and its done. 
3) Order to create a wall. Issue with this is that Congress would need to approve funding for a budget for this, otherwise it means as little as the TRUMP name on the side of a hotel.
4) Pipeline. So... the states were really the one preventing this, not federal. Trying to force it runs into issues where the Supreme Court has taken a stand against federalism.
5) Order on visas, immigrants and refugees has already been challenged in court, and part of it temporarily suspended. 
6) Trumps has also ordered the creation of a few new processes like the order “Expediting Environmental Reviews and Approvals for High Priority Infrastructure Projects” puts the chair of the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) in charge of working with other people to speed up permits. The issue is that the CEQ is not only a huge mover and shaker in the political halls, but, the chair for that position hasn't even been named yet nevertheless able to put together the political sway to influence Cabinet secretaries to expedite orders.

So what did all of President Trump's actions actually do? It caused reporting agencies to go wild filling their news feeds with protests, riots, and arguments between politicians. It allowed a number of young faces to become better known as the "representatives of the people" and it worked as a bleeder valve to allow people to strike out against the perceived evil in front of them.

And please do not misunderstand the point of this. This is not to say that the actions that the President of the United States aren't somehow insanely dangerous. They are. Without a doubt the actions that are being taken are heinous in the extreme. People are right to be upset, to act, and to protest.

But in the scale of the long game of population and world control, Trump is a sacrificial pinata that we will all feel rightfully happy taking a wack at. He is a massive straw man (not just the hair) that will prevent us from focusing on actual world issues and motions that are more drastically pressing.

Like the fact that global warming has reached such levels that we are in pending disaster state. At current rates of temperature change in the world our agriculture and environment will shift in our lifetime to a state where a lack of fresh water will be coupled with extreme weather events. A double suck it to the non 1%.  Fortunately our friends in massive GMO corporations are looking out for us already, and have announced that the Climate Corporation is opening the worlds largest data pipeline to allow farmers that use their products to adjust their crops to match nearly any weather or environment situations. Maybe we should consider how Brexit seemed to line up to fall down COINCIDENTALLY right before the most recent government changes in the USA. Or the fact that some of the highest wage earning people in the world are being moved off the "board of contests" by political and economic powerhouses worldwide?

For right now? Punch the nazi and protest the horrible political changes. Just keep in mind the big picture, and while your at it, consider who it is that is framing that picture for you


Jonathan Anon