Corporate ownership has mingled police and military into one shared power.

Click above to see the original article while it is still standing.. 

Click above to see the original article while it is still standing.. 

Without a doubt I raised my eyebrow a little bit when I saw a FB advertised (they are watching) column declaring "Signs Of A Creepy Government Conspiracy At Standing Rock". While I was expecting some extremist click bate, the details and information found within the document were actually pretty god damned spot on.

This article includes current tactics by police forces to use stingray devices to spoof cell towers. Blocking signal to a standard tower is simple enough, and, by using these localized pieces of technology your corporate sponsored and federally backed militarized police can redirect your phone signals into a private server loop where their root access allows them the ability to monitor and access any materials hosted on your phone or computer. If this control of communication, free speech, and design of a "black out zone" doesn't scare you enough, lets talk about current existing federal software and what it can do with all the cameras our devices now have.

Szymon Sidor is a software genius. Working with the likes of Google and Dropbox, his knowledge of software to hardware operation is fantastic. So, his article explaining how it is EASY to turn on any Android cell phone to function as a roving camera and microphone. All it requires is access to the phone via an installed app, or, access to the streaming data to and from the phone so that you can do a live access (which leaves no evidence other than the fact that your cell phone battery is dying faster than it should). This is actually an ongoing and regular report from not only the protesters at the pipeline, but also has been recorded during a number of anti-corporate rallies and protests. This tactic was used during occupy Wall Street to monitor all activities within the camps and it was used to monitor the activity of a number of "individuals of suspect" relating to the tracking the whereabouts of digital "rats" related to government activity.

So why is this part of a global economic conspiracy? There is something about this pipeline that is unique which separates it from prior instances of this technology and tactics being used. This is a private business that is building a fuel pipeline across native american soil. This private company is being funded by a number of businesses, including a number of credit card companies and banks, which are invested not only in this project but also the greater financial and health design of the world. These corporations are effectively using both police and federal influence, power, and resources to ensure that their financial nest-egg produces oil for the same rich families who have been influencing the world for decades. 

Police activity focused on a private business venture on non-american soil (territories allotted to the native american's are supposed to be treated as sovereign nations) being backed by federally provided technology and software while being funded by the federal banking commission. If you don't see the connections, then you need to look around more. 

Jonathan Anon