Make your own conclusions.


Speaking of population control, did you know that most of the products we use and the food that the less than 1% richest (here forward referred to as "us") consume all come from roughly 10 companies? While you may not think there is any form of conspiracy in that at all, you should probably take a look at the stock listings to see which families are the most invested here. Seeing a lot of names you recognize? Yeah... me too. 

Social control, economic control, and without a doubt population control has been a focus of the "Royal 13" for some time now. One of the most enduring members of their cabal, David Rockefeller, speaks about how the United Nations needs to focus on population control as economic and  medical advances move forward  This would be something I listen to with less of a critical ear, if David Rockefeller hadn't had his 7th open heart transplant at the age of 101. Letting people die off evidently does not mean rich people. 

Almost all home products are part of a network of 10 companies. 

Almost all home products are part of a network of 10 companies. 

I also want to take a minute to put a request out to the rest of the truth seekers in the world: apply some fucking scientific process to your research. I understand that digging into what some people would label as "conspiracy theory" can bring you down some strange logic rabbit holes, but the fact of the matter is that adding your own flavors of ignorance to your findings without researching details makes it difficult to read any of the things that you say. The volumes of racist commentary, bullshit personal political agendas, and unfounded claims without any points of reference is frustrating. I want to follow your fact tree and consider your thought processes, but if you all of a sudden blurt out some anti-semitebullshit then it gets difficult to take anything else you say even vaguely into consideration. Is religion a means of social control? Without a doubt. However, being OF a religion does not give reason for mans actions. Fear, greed, and the nihilistic understanding of transience does. 

Jonathan Anon