The world changed today and people are still only seeing part of it.

With the turn of the new leadership in government, we believe we have started putting enough details together to actually see the Rock Salt conspiracy as more than some sort of wack-job "hollow earth" situation. 

Our new president elect is not only deeply in the pockets of big business, but his family has been members of the NWO that earns us much in the way of discrediting and mockery in the eyes of the public. You can't point out that there is a population control program that involves societies that transcend the facade of politics, governments, and economic powerhouses without gaining ridicule.

I understand that as well. I understand that we can't actually provide evidence. That is the amazing trick that our leadership has pulled. "Fact" has been intertwined with "opinions" and we can't "prove" anything any more. There are people who "prove" that the world was created by an omnipotent deity less than 10,000 years ago and that all scientific evidence we have is untrue. We can't get people to agree to evolution, that smoking is bad for you, or that the massive chemical shit-storm that we are eating is producing medical issues (never the less the hormone blockers in the containers and our waste).

So if I we can't point at the most singularly corrupt election ever and garnish some sort of support, how could we make you believe that ancient orders of bankers, politicians, religious zealots, and powerful families were orchestrating and controlling trade and conflict in the world as a means of maintaining power and ensuring population control?

We are going to try. But we also know that the second that we get too close to the truth that we very well could be silenced.   


Jonathan Anon