The Rock Salt Conspiracy is not a single game, but instead three games that are interwoven together to tell the pre-fall story of Dystopia Rising.  Broken down into the realms of The Rock Salt Conspiracy: Modern, The Rock Salt Conspiracy: The Fall, and The Rock Salt Conspiracy: Apocalypse.


The Rock Salt Conspiracy: Modern takes place in the conspiracy theory heavy world of the year 2015, where secret societies controlling the world have enacted nefarious plans to manipulate humanity like cattle. Ensuring that food limited lifespans and fed into big pharma, manipulating control of governments to engage in humanity culling warfare, influencing the environment to reduce reproduction, and programming people to be easily controlled and directed. The Rock Salt Conspiracy: Modern takes place in a world where you are hunted for being more than human, enemies of the state, and witnessing the first glimpse of the world power losing control. 


The Rock Salt Conspiracy: The Fall takes place as warfare has broken out, governments are starting to collapse, and the "Resistant" are some of the few of humanity still fighting for survival. The dead are starting to rise, governments have started to collapse, private militaries are waging war on those they view as "inhuman", and life is defined as a survivalists nightmare in a modern world. 


The Rock Salt Conspiracy: Apocalypse is the final chapter in the story of the fall of humanity. Taking place between 20 and 100 years after the fall of modern civilization as we know it, players portray the first and second generation just beyond the fall of humanity who are living in the modern wastes of the apocalypse. Technology still abounds in small pockets of civilization however the majority of those standing in the world of The Rock Salt Conspiracy: Apocalypse, are living in the uncivilized wastelands just after the fall of humanity.