This is the character creation form for the Midwinter 2018 ROCKSALT event. 

These events are designed as stand alone experiences, however, at midwinter 2018 we will be wrapping up our "pre-story" and allowing anyone who has found one of the pre-event table top or live experiences to play their character at the event. Please be sure to read the event details and live event mechanics. As this is going to be a incredibly quick 2 hour scenario, that is high speed, we will not be taking time to re-explain the few mechanics the game has. You will be expected to know how strikes and cards work according to the materials provided before the event. If you do not know how the mechanics work, you will be detained outside and taught the mechanics by an assigned staff member and not be allowed to enter the play space until you know how the mechanics work.


The following form is your character creation form. Don't be scared.
The form has two sections, OOC details and IC details.
OOC Details should be answered from the mindset of you, the player.
IC Details should be answered from the perspective of the "normal" person you are portraying. 
The answers to your IC Details will determine your character sheet.
This should take no longer than just a few minutes. 
If you will not be attending Midwinter 2018 but still want to create a character, don't.   Each Rocksalt live event is a standalone experience and will require a new character submission.

OOC Information
Real Name *
Real Name
I understand that without a Midwinter 2018 convention ticket, I will not be able to participate in this event. *
IC Character Section
Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.
Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.
I consider myself physically active.
I regularly have health care checkups.
I come from a family history that would be considered fiscally wealthy.
I eat meat on a regular basis (4 meals a week).
I consume restaurant/fast food food at least once a week. For the sake of this questionnaire do not count healthy eating restaurants.
I make my food at home from scratch.
I consume at least 2 glasses of soda a week.
My water comes from a city provided water source.
I consume liquids or pre-packed meals in plastic containers at least 5 times a week (reuse counts for each instance).
I consider myself actively aware of the political climate of the world.
I consider myself aware of how much control the government has in regards to overseeing my day to day life.
I know a great deal regarding the 30 top private military groups the US government hires.
I am aware of the current famine issue that is happening with mass loss of withered crops outside the US.
I am aware that my government has the right to declare martial law in the instance they deem an area to be in a state of emergency and that martial law suspends any and all rights I have as a citizen.
I am aware that with current anti-terrorism acts, that the President of the United States can declare martial law if they deem it necessary for the health of the nation.