Bang Bang. You're Dead.

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Conflict is going to happen in the Rock Salt Conspiracy. You can't tell a story about multi-national conspiracies, political upheaval, and revolution without bringing conflict into the discussion. There is going to be player character verses non-agency character conflict, and there will be player character verses player character conflict. There will be points where players are screaming, yelling, arguing, and even trying to kill each other's characters.

And that's OK. As is said around here, you can't really have a revolution without a revolver. 

The mechanics system for being attacked, wounded, and even killed in The Rock Salt Conspiracy is very simple and incredibly brutal. It uses contact safe latex blades, bludgeoning weapons, realistic looking contact safe projectile weapons, and a neon green with black skull arm band. The Rock Salt Conspiracy uses what we call the "Mortal Wound" system. In short, there are two types of weapons: submission weapons and lethal weapons. Submission weapons are your brawling weapons, your smaller bludgeoning weapons, your stun guns, and your other forms of non-lethal "damage." Being struck in the unarmored torso by a submission weapon ONCE causes a person to fall to the ground unconscious for 5 minutes. Striking a person a second time with a submission weapon in the torso while they are already unconscious is considered a coup de grace and that character is dead. This works on both non-player characters as well as player characters.

If you perform a coup de grace on a player character,  you must put on the neon green and black skull armband and it must be worn predominant and visible. This armband is not only an out of character sign to other players that you have flagged yourself active for future "Player Character verses Player Character" conflict and activities, but also changes your mechanic for what happens when you are struck with a submission weapon. Instead of falling unconscious for  5 minutes, you fall into unconsciousness for 10 minutes. This extended time allows for more dramatic situations where players and antagonists decide what to do with you.  In addition, the armband shows NPCs that they are allowed to perform a coup de grace on your character and should not hesitate to do so. Most NPCs will not immediately kill a character, but characters with a green armband are much more likely to receive a killing blow than other characters.

There are only two modifiers to the "hit once in the torso" mechanic: armor and fortune. Armor is simple enough. In the game world, or at character creation, you may either find or be able to start with armor (depending the scenario). Armor allows you to ignore the first hit to your torso in a 5 minute period. When you get hit say "armor" to signify to other people that you were indeed hit, but were not dropped by the strike. Armor has a rating between 1-5, and will allow you to resist that many strikes or hits every 5 minutes. If you are unconscious, armor can be removed from you.

The second way to sway things in combat is also a non-combat mechanic called fortune. Each character is provided a certain number of fortune cards at the start of game. If you start with equipment, chances are good you have less fortune cards than others. Fortune cards can be expended to influence NPCs (but not control them), to engage in hands on puzzles and complex plot related devices, to gather information from meta-characters (staff), to change the direction of story at key points, and to avoid torso strikes. to explain further, a character can spend Fortune Cards by saying "Fortune" when hit in the torso to negate that hit.

Some examples of non-combat uses for Fortune cards are: 
Meta-Plot Decisions: IE - Spend "x" fortune to have this NPC survive the crash or spend "x" fortune to have them die.
Be able to engage in hands on mechanical tests to repair wiring.
Be able to engage in hands on mechanical tests to disarm a bomb.
Be able to engage in hands on mechanical tests to use a tracking device.
Being able to duck for cover to avoid the blast of an IED.
Being able to spend multiple Fortune to make NPC or Meta Organization allies during play who will assist as plot dictates.

Going back to combat, what a happens when one of your limbs is hit? Each strike to a limb from a submission weapon causes the limb to not be usable for 5 minutes. Each strike to a limb from a lethal weapon causes that limb to cease to function until medical gear is used on the limb (which will have the mechanics on the medical gear) or until a Fortune Card is spent by the person who was wounded or by another person looking to help. If there is no assistance, you may need to put an arm in a sling or use crutches or a wheelchair to continue to move around. If you are struck in a non-functioning limb, it counts as a strike to the Torso.

Before each event, there will be a list of how many Fortune Cards players will be provided. Players may then choose to spend Fortune Cards at Safe Houses before the event to come into play with gear, resources, or plot devices. The player is then responsible for providing physical representations for any gear that is listed as "player provides prop." Keep in mind that these items can be stolen, taken away, or lost during play time. With this in mind, all equipment should be tagged with the player's full name so that it may be returned after the event.