Welcome to the revolution.

Welcome to the revolution.
Corporate greed. Population control. Economic warfare. Conspiracy. Environmental warfare. Genetic warfare.


Rock Salt is a combination of a super fast system and an augmented reality downtime experience for one massive yearly event. Rock Salt is a full immersion game about playing a revolutionary during the eventual fall of mankind. Rock Salt takes place before the events that create the incredibly successful Dystopia Rising game universe and is designed by the original writers of Dystopia Rising.

Dystopia Rising is a post-apocalypse experience in a genetically mutated, zombie infested, and reality bending world. Now, players can live and experience the modern day events that take place before the dystopian wastelands rise. 

Rock Salt full immersion experiences will take place only a couple times a year, will be high production value events, and will be incredibly demanding and rewarding experiences. At each full immersion event players will be opting into scenarios that are key points in the ongoing timeline of the Rock Salt story line. Some events will allow for reoccurring characters while other events will have players step into key roles at watershed points of the conspiracy... both as part of the resistance as well as part of the antagonistic parties.  

The ARG will run all year round with multiple Bleeding Room events hosted each year. Bleeding Room events are intended to be role-play focused while Full Immersion events are designed to be more horror and survival focused.

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